Practice Areas

We handle a broad range of matters of concern to individuals and businesses including employment and covenant not to compete matters, minority shareholder disputes, buy-sell agreements, breach of contract litigation, matters arising under the Uniform Commercial Code relating to sales and secured transactions, construction litigation and disputes with insurance carriers.

Areas of Practice


Construction Litigation
Contract Litigation
Dealership and Franchise Matters
Employment Discrimination
General Business Litigation
Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Claims
Product Liability
Shareholder Disputes
Trust and Estate Matters


Banking Law
Capital Formation
Commercial Lending
Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Mergers and Acquisitions
Securities Law



We recognize that litigation typically is not a business opportunity for the client. Therefore, from the outset, we develop all available facts to assess potential liability and damages issues to make early recommendations to our clients.

We provide our clients with our best assessment as to how the litigation is likely to proceed and develop strategy tailored to the particular matter. This includes a proactive approach to appropriate motion practice, document deposition discovery, and preparation for trial. We always consider when there may be an appropriate opportunity for a fair settlement to reduce unnecessary litigation expense. 

In some matters, a reasonable resolution of potential or filed litigation is possible at the outset. In other cases, aggressive document discovery and depositions are necessary to better position a dispute for potential resolution. In all cases, it is important that the opposition knows that, if necessary, Waller Law Office is fully prepared to try any case that cannot be reasonably resolved. If a fair pre-trial resolution is not possible, Waller Law has extensive experience in the trial of business and commercial matters.

We also have extensive experience with mediation and arbitration.

Waller Law Office provides representation to plaintiffs on both hourly and contingency fee (or hybrid) arrangements as appropriate for a particular case. Waller Law Office represents both plaintiffs and defendants on a competitive hourly rate basis.

Although we are a small office, we regularly handle complex cases involving a large volume of documents, utilizing our support, information technology and document management capabilities.